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Sunday May 02, 2021

This week, I'm reading "The Waste of It" by Jenna Plewes.
Spelt Magazine: 
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Sunday Mar 21, 2021

Talking Poetry with Anna Fruen, poet and cohost of  the "What's in a name" podcast.
Anna, @BootsMcGoot
What's in a name podcast, @WIANpodcast
Fina, @FinaStarGuard
Christina Thatcher, @writetoempower

Sunday Jun 14, 2020

"First Date" by Sabrina Benaim 
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Sunday May 03, 2020

The first in a series of episodes in which I flip through my previous notebooks, starting with the oldest. There is much to discover! 
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Sunday Apr 26, 2020

No poem this week. Instead, I talk about some things that help me feel okay during these stressful times. 

Sunday Apr 19, 2020

"Etiquette" from More than you were by Christina Thatcher

Fine Poetry Podcast, Episode 11

Saturday Apr 11, 2020

Saturday Apr 11, 2020

Osterspaziergang by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1808)
Easter Walk- Translation by Edgar Alfred Bowring (1853) & Blog post with comments

Sunday Apr 05, 2020

In this episode, I engage with listener feedback and read one of my own poems. 
Marbles by Josefine Stargardt
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Monday Mar 30, 2020

"hardanger" by Hilde Jorgensen
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Sunday Jan 12, 2020

"happy birthday" by Kaja van den Berg
ATTENTION: I said Kaja's Twitter name wrong on the podcast. You can find her @VdbKaja. 
Kaja's blog: ausdemakö

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